Every dream starts with a vision. Some are small, and some are great, but all show the story of an intangible idea transforming into reality.

Interi's story started about ten years ago. My mom had been traveling back to Ireland to take care of her parents and on the way back would pass through Italy, collecting Italian fragments, or pieces of church relics sold by the Catholic church.

These fragments were broken, with no further purpose in the church. She saw something different -the beauty of the old- and sought to create something new.

And so the dream began. Seated in a garage surrounded by a few fragments, minerals and shells, she pieced together the first "fragment creation."

These creations began selling at Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta. Partnerships were made and clientele came, all falling in love with the decorated artifact's journey from the 18th century church to the modern home.

I still remember the home where it all started, myself growing alongside the business, even inspiring me to become a business major years down the road.

And as a college student, I'm told the statistics that eight out of ten businesses fail, that we're in a deteriorating economy, that we need to let go of our dreams and search for financial stability, if it can be found.

And that may be what I hear, but it's not what I see. I think of the Wright Brothers, Amazon and Disney all being built from a garage and becoming powerhouses of their generations.

Born out of a garage, I can see the passion my mom pours into Interi, showing me the power of having a vision and teaching me that dreams are not fantasies, but realities.

I've worked with my mom til the early hours of the morning, woken up at four a.m. to drive to the next show, and seen the time and effort poured into each piece. But seeing her pieces at the decorative shows across America and meeting people just as passionate about her work as she is says something: keep dreaming. My mom did, and now her vision is a living reality.

My name is Joybelle, and I'm the proud daughter of Jean Barlow- the creator, owner, and passion behind Interi and an inspiration to myself.

Now showing at ADAC, High Point Market, Atlanta Mart, Dallas Mart, and New York International Gift Fair.